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Instrument Repair 

Bring your instrument in for a no cost estimate.

Click has two in-house shops and several repair techs with more than 50 years of experience between them. Our wind instrument shop can repair any woodwind or brass issue, while dedicated strings experts can fix your guitar, bass, violin, viola, etc. We service instruments from minor adjustments to complete overhauls.

If you need to repair a rental instrument, this will be handled by our trusted partner Veritas. Come on by with the instrument; we'll send it for repair and give you a replacement on the spot.

Wind Instrument Shop:

  • Overhaul: repad, fit keys, clean, oil
  • Return to playing conditions: level and adjust pads, straighten bent keys, replace up to 3 pads
  • Fit tenons (reshape for proper fit)
  • Recork (replace assembly corks)
  • Solder (reattach metal pads)
  • Annual Service: clean, oil, level & adjust pads, straighten bent keys
  • Annual Service (Brass): clean, oil, grease, replace felts and water key pad, pull most stuck slides, reduce accessible dents
  • Pull Stuck Slides
  • Free stuck pistons
  • Reduce/remove dents
  • Solder

String Instrument Shop:

  • Restring
  • Setup adjustments
  • Reslot nut
  • Truss rod adjustment
  • Action and tuning adjustment
  • Add strap attachments
  • Tone pots and pickups