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About us

About Us

Our Mission... is sevenfold: to develop a vibrant supportive music community... to provide positive opportunities for people to learn and play music... to bring diverse groups of people together to share in music making... to make available the products musicians need to be successful... to encourage creativity and appreciation across all genres... to provide dependable full-service instrument repair... to provide employment for local musicians.

Our Vision... We want to leave a legacy through our students and the Click community. We hope that the experiences through music under our roof will have a lasting effect throughout the lives of those who have taken lessons, participated in musical events, and shopped with us. We want to be known as the store that supports our local community.

Our Philosophy... Click Music was born out of a need to support our music community. As Avi Rostov taught her students in her home studio and in their homes, she supported and equipped them with the proper accessories, instruments, sheet music, and instrument repair for their success. She would order items for her students and repair their instruments as the need arose. It was out of love for her students and the music community that Click Music came into being. The Click Music philosophy is community first, then retail. We support our music community first and, in so doing, earn enough money to keep the shop doors open so that the community can thrive.

Our History

Because of the requests to establish a store by students and their parents, Click Music opened in 2009. The store build-out and setup happened through the help of student parents and the skills that they offered. Practice rooms, the repair shop, and the retail shop were all built and stocked by the community that had formed around Avi’s students. It was the fine act of community in which Click Music came to be.

We are not a store, but an expression of community.

Consider for the moment; you are struggling over a particularly hard bit of music you are learning. You don’t think you are going to get it, and then in a flash, it clicks, and you have it! Or consider that day when you and your band members perform a piece, and everything just clicks, and you all are of one voice. Or maybe you walked into the music store and struck up a conversation with a fellow musician, and you are of the same mind; you click, and a new friendship is born. And so our name was born; Click Music. We are the place where community happens, where people click, where camaraderie is formed, and where folks can come and make music together.

Jam Sessions & Practice Rooms

We offer rental space for small bands and groups, where they can come and practice together. All that is needed is an advance reservation. Rooms vary in size to fit the needs of the group. We also offer weekly open jam sessions where anyone can come and participate. These are held in our stage space. Click Here to check out our current calendar of activities. We are that place to come and jam with friends or where one can try out a new instrument or sit and just be.

Retail Side

Every Click Music instrument is inspected, set up for maximum playability, and kept in tune while on the show floor, ready for you to enjoy. Accessories are carefully selected to enhance your music experience. Our staff of musicians invites you to ask questions, share experiences, learn about products, try out our in-store offerings, and order special items.

Instrument Rentals

Click Music offers band instrument rentals for the local school band student as well as for your own personal use. Our rental program is a rent-to-own program. Each monthly rent payment goes towards the price of the instrument should you decide to buy it. You can choose from a variety of instruments within 3 levels of use: used, close to new, or new. Each rental comes with two free lessons and a yearly maintenance service. These lessons provide essential information to help set up the student for success. Our goal is to give you, the student, a head start with a successful music learning experience. We will teach you proper instrument care, good tone production, and correct hand positioning. Our technicians look over each rental to ensure that it is in tip-top shape for good sound and ease of play. We rent wind, brass, and percussion instruments. We are your go-to place for your musical adventure! We look forward to meeting you when you stop by!

We Are Your Local Instrument Repair Center!

Our band instrument repair techs are BIRT certified (Band Instrument Repair Tech from Renton Technical College.) We offer in-house instrument tune-ups and maintenance. Often what needs to be fixed can be done on the spot. However, when work takes more than a day, we provide you with a free loaner instrument for you to use until yours is ready. 

Click Music About Page

Maybe your cherished guitar needs a bit of extra care; we will do what it takes to get it singing again. From simple restringing to tress work and much more, your treasured instrument will be lovingly brought back to life. Our fretted instrument specialist has over 30 years of repair experience. Your instrument is in good hands! We operate a full-service in-house instrument repair shop to meet the needs of all musicians - the beginner to the pro. Our techs will always ensure that your instrument plays well. We are a full-service center with quick turnaround, all at a reasonable price. For more detailed information, please click here. We are a member of NAPBIRT (National Association of Band Instrument Repair Technicians).

Music Instruction

Want to learn to play that instrument you’ve always wanted? We’ll teach you! And at a price, you can afford! Whether it’s learning the clarinet, piano, ukulele, or making rhythm with drums, we have just the teacher for you. Click here to meet our teachers. Lesson times are usually once a week and are paid monthly.

Classes for the Young Ones

Music together... Did you know that all children are musical? Have you ever wondered what you can do to nurture the musical growth of your child, regardless of your own musical ability? Experience Music Together and find out how important--and how fun--your role can be! Our Music Together classes build on your child's natural enthusiasm for music and movement. We'll help you provide your child with the basic musical skills needed to enjoy school and social musical activities and to study an instrument should he or she choose to do so. To find out more, click here.